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The glorious Cleansing spell

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Apr 27, 18 5:35 PM
There is a spell called Cleansing that I was fortunate enough to pick up my very first pass through the game. Since then, I won't leave the first territory (capital, Hearthstone) without picking it up, no matter how many tiny Sparrows I have to Hunt down and kill to get it.

Cleansing costs 20 Mana points and wipes all negative effects. No, that's almost never worth the expense to clear a single effect any creature can give you in that territory, and barely so even when two are affecting you at once. E.g., avoiding a 5-turn stun isn't likely to make back 20 points when more spins are coming up empty than are hitting, and it makes more sense to endure 2 points of poison damage over each of 4 turns than to spend 20 Mana avoiding them,

But later on, when you have Luck runes to greatly improve your spins and your symbols give you more than a dozen Attack or Mana Points per hit, then when somebody can lock your reels for 5 spins, or a Vile Necromancer's Creeping Death can debit you 15 points per spin for 5 spins--or even a Cave Fisher's Strangle spell takes 3 Health points every turn for the remainder of the match--at that point having Cleansing installed and (whenever possible) keeping a reserve of 20 in those situations often makes the difference between losing a round and winning it.

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