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Demise of Dark Manor

[Post New]by zed_dee2 on Apr 27, 18 8:07 PM
Dear Friends & Neighbours

I would love to keep in touch with friends I've made via the incomparable Dark Manor game.

I'm on Facebook as Zed Dee (red squirrel picture). My email addy is zed_dee2at yahoodotcodotuk

You may be interested to know that a very nice chap at supportatbigfishgamesdotzendeskdotcom recently refunded me my last 15 purchases in Dark Manor (none of which were very recent btw). This came to almost £100 (over $130).

Of course, this in no way compensates for the demise (with no explanation) of such a wonderful game that I'd invested so much time, money & creativity in, but I think he made the gesture because he felt guilty about how we've been treated.

It may be worth other players asking for a similar refund



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Re:Demise of Dark Manor

[Post New]by Theorem on Apr 29, 18 6:16 AM
Not having our forum any longer will make things a bit tougher, but surely not impossible!

So this is it ... time to wave goodbye to DM home where I've shared so many laughs (and stress! Merciless Tyrant ).

Thank you beautiful neighbours and friends, love ya all!

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