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April 27,2018 Mini-Review

[Post New]by yowzasma on Apr 27, 18 8:38 PM
As we are coming to the end of our Review Forum, I just want to squeeze in this mini-review to say that this Fantasy Game was most enjoyable, except for, in my opinion- too many Mini-games for me, BUT I know that many of my Fishie friends in the pond love them I just wanted to give them a heads up . The Minis' were interesting and most have 'easy' - 'hard' modes we can switch to and a working skip button. Our little helper does not have to work hard and will not bother most people and the music is not obtrusive.
I will be watching for more of this series that hopefully might have more HOPS as I am a Hidden Object fan !
I liked the story-line. I really enjoy the eye-candy colors and locations.
So, I am giving this SE version a & 1/2 out of a potential 5
Played on desktop PC running Windows 10 with no problems

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