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impossible to finish game - is this a bug?

[Post New]by elizaew on Apr 28, 18 5:37 AM
I have found every single fish except for those requiring spined and silky for 15 species. The breeding charts are clear that you can't breed these. you must get them from eggs. I have been playing for 27 day and buying eggs like cray. I never get silky or spined for these 15 species so cannot breed the final one or two varieties for those species. I cannot find help anywhere on this problem. It's not even mentioned on the developers website. How about all of you guys? Are you having the same problem?

I only get silky and spined for the same common fish over and over.


Re:impossible to finish game - is this a bug?

[Post New]by stellasofie on Apr 28, 18 4:33 PM
Same here, have been breeding for days, frustrating!

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