Tribloos 3 Level 10

[Post New]by bluemoves on Apr 28, 18 6:57 PM
I have no idea how to pass this level. I found a thread from a few weeks ago that said to "play the horn" and then send a worker to the tuning forks that don't "bing." But I have no idea how to "play the horn" since I'm not able to click on the horn. I have clicked on each of the tuning forks, but nothing happens. I have no idea how to make any of them "bing." I can't figure out if I have a bug in my game, or if I'm just not understanding how to complete this level. Is the horn "clickable" for anyone else? Are other people able to get the tuning forks to "bing"? Is there just something wrong with my game? Any suggestions are appreciated.


Re:Tribloos 3 Level 10

[Post New]by ellen150854 on Apr 29, 18 3:21 AM
I have the same problem

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