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Good-bye andThanks

[Post New]by Judibeth on Apr 28, 18 7:35 PM
Hello all!
Now that Big Fish forums are closing, I wanted to take this last opportunity to say thank you to all the moderators and players who have been such help tome over the years since Wanderland was first launched. I am sure I would not have been able to lay this far without your help!

Today I have deleted all the messages in my inbox and sent box and have also deleted the names in my Big Fish address book. I was able to relive some wonderful (and a few not so wonderful)memories as I read all those old messages.

Also today I began deleting friends from my JB game and will finish doing that tomorrow. My last gifting time from that game will be tomorrow, Sunday, so get your last-minute requests in now!

Many friends from the JB game have already joined me on the JayBee game and I have almost finished inviting the rest. Hope to see you there!

Again, thank you all and good-bye!

Judibeth (JB and JayBee in Wanderland)

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