A eulogy to our forum.

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Eulogy to our forum
I have been thinking about something to say about my 4 years here on the MC forum. It was my first, and I was hesitant to write anything at first. I read posts, got to know the regular posters, and found that they loved and enjoyed the game as much as I did! I decided to jump in, boy was I glad I did! There was so much informative posts on game play, strategies and such, but there was something else....comradery! Folks sharing much more than just the game. I still remember when I took a hiatus to take care of my Mom through her hospice two years ago, I was feeling alone and terribly saddened by her passing. The concern, kind, understanding words from the forum really helped me through a difficult time. We have really become a cyber family of MC. It's a place to reach out to people firstly for the game, but also a place for relationships. I want to thank all the Mods for their time in helping us out, and their kind input with life's tragedies that is bestowed upon us all. I will certainly miss this place. I am happy, and not surprised at all, that by the droves we are gathering at new forums! Thank you BF for all the years I have been able to participate here, I will keep it in my "good" memories! Good gaming, and see you all at the "new" home.
Miss D

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Re:A eulogy to our forum.

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Very nice Eulogy. Thank you.

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