[Post New]by Fred_just_Fred on Apr 29, 18 2:44 PM
Feeling sort of sad. As I mentioned in another forum, I sort of feel like I'm sitting in front of the dying embers of a campfire, singing Kumbaya. Thank all of you that helped me. So, as the sun sinks in the West, I bid you a fond farewell. If the new forum is only a fraction of the enjoyment here, it will be a success. See you in Delphi.

PS I'll end my role in the forums as a Parrotfish. And although I only need a "couple more" messages to reach the next level, sending "more" messages was not my goal - it was communicating with a great group of FRIENDS, here. Besides, I feel more comfortable as a Parrot (fish), rather than a Clown (fish) at the next level.

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