Goodbye to all Gummy Drop Friends

[Post New]by glitter2goldfish on Apr 29, 18 3:11 PM
Just wanted to say thank you and goodbye to all the people who have participated in this forum. It has been a pleasure to read and post especially in the "Seniors Thread" It was the most popular thread on this forum and not only seniors accessed it because most everyone on this thread were very helpful, respectful and experienced. Some folks had been playing GD from the very beginning and shared their knowledge with whom ever asked for it. They may have been way past the city or level where assistance was being sought but they took time to go back and take a look and sometimes even replayed levels to try to help. I know as a newbie to the game a little over a year ago I relied on the "Seniors Thread" more than any thread on this forum. General information, detailed information, tips, tricks and the right direction to take and advice to move forward as quickly and cheaply as possible was always found on the "Seniors Thread". Way to go!!! What a diverse and wonderful group of people. I will continue to use the forum as I am far from the end of the cities (in St. Petes) at present so this will continue to be a wealth of information for me going forward.I encourage all new players to read the forum posts and continue to utilize the very valuable information it contains. It will be the best resource for your game. Goodye and Thank you so much.

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