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Parlor - Door Puzzle

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Oct 26, 07 3:08 PM
Hint: You use certain objects at night, and certain objects during the day. Move the pictures that are related to day to the day side, and the night symbols to the night side.


Re: Parlor - Door Puzzle

[Post New]by martie101 on Nov 3, 07 9:05 AM
OK I did that but it still want open so is there some way you can tell me in which order they go in.I am ready to toss my computer out the window on this game

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Re: Parlor - Door Puzzle

[Post New]by Margaret4 on Nov 4, 07 2:21 PM
Hope you still have your computer.
Order doesn't matter. Sort the items out by day/night, then flip the switches. If you've done that, then ... something's wrong.
Good luck.

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