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Make Samantha Smile

[Post New]by jemsee on Aug 7, 10 11:16 PM
Posted this in Chit-Chat but thought this audience might find it more interesting.

From a previous post:
jemsee wrote:Dont know where it went but someone posted they thought the new SS game
was boring. Well, I just started it up and the intro was awesome IMO.

But there are a few differences, subtle though they may be.
Only played the first screen, but in all the other games you always have to find
your scattered items, PDA, scarf, flashlight, etc.
Not so this time, you go right into the meat of the game, which is fine I guess.

The other difference is they changed Samantha's icon in the lower right corner.
They used the exact same image in the first 3.
In those she is looking up and to the left with a small smile on her face.
In the new one she looks a little spaced, looking straight forward and with a little
pout on her face.
She is still wearing the green scarf and purple shirt which is good.
But the changes to the face and hair ... not so good (IMHO)

I could see this having a subconscious effect as she looks bored herself.
The game play is good though, typical of the others.
Basic HOG with a good story of good guys (gals) vs bad guys.

More as I play it.


As I have been playing it now I have noticed that when you complete certain tasks
you can make Sam smile. It really makes a difference in her icon.
To bad its not like that all the time, but its pretty cool to she her smile like that.

Not sure about posting pics here, or links but here is a composite of the icons from the four games.

Hope that is alright to do and that it works.


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Re:Make Samantha Smile

[Post New]by _DD_ on Aug 8, 10 4:39 AM
hi Jem,

>Hope that is alright to do and that it works.
Worked fine, but isn't allowed - neither pics nor external links are allowed to post here (see forum rules). So you'd have to describe how to find your pics on photobucket via Google or offer to send the link via PM.

Anyway, I had a look at your pics, thank you for your effort! I hadn't noticed that about the smile when I demo'ed the new game, just that she looked different. Someone said in another thread that Sam is more mature in this game, and now I wonder why 'they' (whoever made the decision) thought she can't smile any more then.

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Re:Make Samantha Smile

[Post New]by thecatspjs on Aug 8, 10 11:54 AM
I get tired of seeing her blink her eyes. It is a minor distraction, I'll admit, but is an irritating habit of Samantha's. I believe she did it in the other games too. Maybe the developers think it makes her look more alert or alive, or something?

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