Hello everyody.

[Post New]by manemartha on Aug 8, 10 5:38 AM
I've played the other SS games and love them! This is my 4th SS game. I'm having a little trouble with this one. I got to a level in a saloon with skeletons and need to get silver coins out of the wall. The tools I have don't work for this one but when I put my cursor over where the coins are in the wall, it turns into gears. Can someone help me retrieve the silver coins?

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Re:Hello everyody.

[Post New]by puzzledone on Aug 8, 10 5:57 AM
Welcome manemartha, I haven't gotten that far in the game to help you, but there is a walkthrough with screenshots and tips. Just scroll back up to the top of the page, SSwift4 forum and you will see a link there. Then on the walkthrough you can probably find where you are in the game and directions. and ask again if you don't see it there.

Anxious to go on with the game myself, only did the first hour so far.

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