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[Post New]by ronaldo2 on Aug 8, 10 5:40 AM
Would some one tell me what the highest score is. I am at 130,000,000, Level 104.

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[Post New]by corbs123 on Aug 8, 10 5:43 AM
Welcome to the pond, look right to box search all forums, type game name in and you will get help there.


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[Post New]by PSAROUKIOS on Aug 8, 10 5:46 AM
go to all games forums and type the name of the game you want and you are able to see everithing of this game

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[Post New]by bfgImbrium on Aug 12, 10 6:29 AM
Hi ronaldo2,

Welcome to the pond!

As the other fishies have mentioned, the best place to discuss games and get hints and tips is in the Game Forums. These are easy to get to, just click the Forums tab on the home page. Then you can search your game under ‘All Game Forums’ .

Also, if you have a specific question, you can click the Advanced Forum Search under the Search All Forums. Here you can choose a specific game and type a keyword like “score” and all of the posts about “score” will come up!

Another good thing to know is that if there is a walkthrough for the game it will be located at the top if the forum.

After a quick look around the game forum the highest score seems to be between 2.1 and 2.5 billion:

Hi! You guys were right! When I got to about 2,140,000,000 the score started to go down after every turn! I am currently at 2,080,000,000 and counting down to zero. I'll probably be there sometime next year (2010). I started playing this game February 2009. I'll let you guys know what happens when I get to zero. Still dying to send those screen shots out.

Hope this helps . Thanks to corbs123 and PSAROUKIOS for swimming to help.

I'm going to pop this thread over into the Bookworm Deluxe game forum and this discussion can be continued here .

Happy gaming!



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[Post New]by LadyZandra on Jul 28, 12 3:26 PM
I notice everyone keeps referring to their scores-- but there is still no answer to the big question: How many levels are actually available on the game???

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