Bonus Level 10

[Post New]by whitepriestess on Aug 9, 10 6:59 AM
It's been a while since I touched the game but I'm replaying it.

I've gotten expert on all of the levels except for bonus level 10 and level 40. I read the tips posted for level 40 and still trying for that. In the meantime, I need help on bonus level 10. I get close but I always end up short on something-usually, it's on the scuba gear. For some weird reason, I advertise it when there are those guys but some of them just don't want to go there.

Anyway, here's the strategy I've been using and I'm wondering if I'm possibly missing something here:

If there are guys that first enter, I buy one scuba gear and then wait to buy the other one before advertising. Then I buy the toy stand next but don't advertise. Then I buy the disco and upgrade it once. I did before try to upgrade it all the way but found myself way short of the money goal. I've found that only upgrading it once gets me closer to the goal. Finally, I buy the meat stand.

For the toy and meat stands, I don't upgrade them until I've refilled them once since I want to sell exactly 10 of each-not more.

I advertise the scuba gear and disco as much as I can. I can usually get the disco goal but not the scuba gear goal due to the reasons I stated above. So I'm wondering if anyone out there who has gotten expert on this can please give me some hints. I'd really appreciate any help out there. Thank you.


Re:Bonus Level 10

[Post New]by izzymonkey on May 26, 11 7:09 AM
Here is what I did.
Buy the first scuba gear and then advertise scuba
Build the Meat stand
Upgrade meat stand
Buy 2nd scuba gear
Advertise scuba
Upgrade meat stand again
Make sure to keep supplies stocked until all toys and meat sold and knew I could easily get to my $5000 goal without selling more meat and toys.
Build toy stand
Upgrade toy stand
Buy waitress and workman, do not updgrade them
Upgrade toy stand 2nd time
Build disco
Advertise scuba again
Advertise disco (At this point I was about 10 min. into the game)
Upgrade disco 2x
Advertise disco again
Once I hit $5000 goal, upgrade waitress and workman all the way. You only have to hit your money goal once. Then you can spend it.

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