2.9 help

[Post New]by tbsumrell on Aug 10, 10 12:20 PM
Can't find all 8 slippers. Please help. I want the gift.


Re:2.9 help

[Post New]by LillyFly on Sep 23, 10 4:35 AM
Took me a while but I finally found them all! Don't know if you still need help but here ya go:

1- On the trash can on the right hand side
2 - On the floor beside the Star Table
3 - On the floor in front of the entree dishes
4 - Under the punch table (beside where Quinn is standing at the beginning)
5 - Under the dance floor mat
6 - On top of the tree beside the arch way
7 - On the flowers by the camera
8 - Hanging on the lights behind the Chef - (This is the one that I could never find!)

Hope this helps

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