Problems with Operation Mania

[Post New]by ssilvertooth on Nov 7, 08 1:00 PM
Okay when I win a trophy during game play it doesn't show up in my trophy case . Also after I finished the game I went back and obtained "specialist" on every level......but one - it refuses to change the level icon and award me my trophy for completing all levels as specialist. I keep playing it over and over with no change. I want my trophies dang it!!


Re:Problems with Operation Mania

[Post New]by momlaplant on Jan 18, 09 2:41 PM
I had the same issue with them not awarding me "specialist" on one level. I reached specialist in all the others. For me it's level 35 (I think).


Re:Problems with Operation Mania

[Post New]by deetz_81 on Sep 10, 09 4:14 PM
I've had the same problems. I can't get past level 35. Also, my money earned will not allow me to go over $137,000. So, it's kind of pointless, because it won't let me move on to a higher level and it won't let me earn enough money to buy anything of value. Why!? I hate not beating a game. Then, as well, if I close the game, and reopen it, it even takes away the equipment I've got and I have to start again. RRRRR!!!

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