Jewel Match 2 game won't play

[Post New]by Shamisen on Aug 13, 10 9:41 AM
Help! After a recent computer meltdown, I attempted to reinstall Jewel Match 2 on my hard drive. At first the game wouldn't install completely. After several tries it finally intalled, but now it won't play. Every time I try to play the game, my computer screen flashes a couple of times and then goes to the 'Thank You For Playing : Play Again' screen.

I have tried unistalling and reinstalling several times.

I could use some help. I really enjoy playing this game.


Re:Jewel Match 2 game won't play

[Post New]by nosugar on Sep 25, 10 5:45 AM
I have had the same problem. Have you got any answers?


Re:Jewel Match 2 game won't play

[Post New]by DMCatsMeow on Oct 14, 10 3:00 PM
Has anyone gotten help with this problem? My game won't open....thanks for playing and play again prompt. I've emailed 'HELP' - been a week still no answer.
Have reinstalled and have no problem opening other games.

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Re:Jewel Match 2 game won't play

[Post New]by kayebee22 on Nov 4, 10 6:08 AM
The game "freezes" and nothing will happen!! It WAS installed properly and
I've played. All of a sudden, nothing happens!!


Re:Jewel Match 2 game won't play

[Post New]by snibor on Nov 4, 10 6:20 AM
Waste of time posting Jewel Match 2 problems, especially on Windows 7. Looks like they got your money, now.......screw you. Why doesnt someone from Big Fish Games have the balls to give an answer.

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Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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Re:Jewel Match 2 game won't play

[Post New]by bjby on Nov 28, 10 7:58 PM
what is wrong with this game?
when I downloaded this game all it does is flicker,can't play !!!!!!


Re:Jewel Match 2 game won't play

[Post New]by smithl2 on Jan 16, 11 9:52 PM
Did anyone ever find a fix for this. I am having the same problems with it flickering and then locking up.

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Re:Jewel Match 2 game won't play

[Post New]by bfgDonau on Jan 17, 11 11:13 AM
Hi smithl2 and welcome to the pond!

For issues with the game flickering and locking, it may help to run some updates for your system. Please see this help article for more information:

Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen

If you continue to have any trouble, I'd recommend contacting Customer Support. Just let them know what you're experiencing and which steps you've already tried and they'll be happy to help further. Customer Support can be reached by clicking on the green envelope on the right-hand side of this page and then on the "Contact Us" section on the bottom left of the next page. Once you've entered your question and clicked to "Check for Answers," you'll be led to our Help pages. If these haven't helped, your question can be submitted from here.

If you're a Big Fish Game Club member, you can also connect to one of our Live Chat representatives from 9:30am-4:30pm PST Monday-Friday. To get started, just visit your “My Game Club" page.

I’m also going to go ahead and lock this thread so that we can keep all technical issues together in the main technical issues thread that's now up for Jewel Match 2, which can be found here.

This way, if others are also experiencing the same thing, it will be easier for them to join in on the discussion. Feel free to repost any concerns in the technical issues thread on the game’s page.

Thanks and happy gaming!


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