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Unique and beautiful game

[Post New]by Lisa522 on Aug 14, 10 9:08 PM
Just did the demo of this one tonight - what a lovely, well-done game. Graphics are exquisite, game is of high quality and to my surprise, the gameplay is very unique. I did not realize this when I tried the game out - I thought it was another standard match 3. The premise is that you are unlocking 4 books (with 4 tiers each consisting of another 4-5 tiers of games) - water, earth, air, fire. There is a fairy that helps you along. The game starts out as a fragmented object game (FROG) - you must use the completed items you use & assemble to unlock other puzzles which lead you to the next item, and so on. I wasn't expecting this either! This was not slapped together as an intro to a primarily match 3 game either. It was well done. After finishing all of that, you are off to begin work on your book & unlocking the cards within. (I would imagine the FROG section is a prelude to each book as that was how the book of earth was opened initially). From here you begin with the match 3's, only they are different than any match 3 I have ever played. The screens and pieces are very pretty - you must make matches in order to allow a flowing liquid (lifeforce) to reach a growing but needy tree - the puzzles are easily 6-8 screens wide. You have an arrow that directs you in which direction you need to clear. The levels are timed though I had no difficulty completing each on the first try. There are frozen pieces, slabs you cannot move, rocks you must blow up, you get various bonus items to use - bombs, or a spade (removes one piece). There are arrows that trigger explosive directional clearings when hit to help pave the way for your lifeforce to flow to the proper ending place. The demo time was over before I knew it and I enjoyed playing this. It was challenging enough but relaxing at the same time. Beautiful game and very unique. Think I will be purchasing this one.

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