El Dorado Quest

[Post New]by pacosmomsj on Aug 15, 10 4:03 PM
Does anyone else find this game a discouraging and difficult as I do, in that you have to click on each square and not drag them and you have to waste all the time waiting for everything to drop before you can make your next move??
I can not get past level 6. Or is it just that I am a Great-grandmother.


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Re:El Dorado Quest

[Post New]by scuther on Sep 3, 10 11:14 PM
I agree. It is a nuisance.

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Re:El Dorado Quest

[Post New]by GaCorolla on Oct 11, 10 11:42 PM
I don't know why I didn't check out the forums before I purchased this dud. I agree with what you guys wrote. I think this is another game that is difficult from the onset. I don't like having to find a way for the figures on the board to get to where they are going. Often the way to go is very obscure, at least to me. And there is that blasted short timer to deal with, which means you don't have enough time to do the tasks. Wish I had saved my money on this one.

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