[Post New]by indigo_ladybug on Aug 16, 10 12:57 AM
This game basically involves clicking on a colored block, which makes it slide to the left, to match up, and make disappear other blocks of the same color.

Quite musical, graphics are very nice, gameplay/game board is simple and clean. Music is soothing.

The only problem I had was, when I exited the game, it said I had 31 minutes left, when I only played for about 5! The reason, as I found out was, when I exited the game (by the menu), the game actually remained in memory, never releasing it, and thus accumulating "time".

I have a problem with that, and a big one. (but that's just me). So much for testing it further.

Until this is fixed, I will definitely NOT buy it, maybe after, as a DD.
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[Post New]by DaniForbes on Aug 16, 10 10:15 AM
Having the same won't "let go" of me!! LOL

And was just about to use a monthly credit on it?!! Not so much for me.

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