I need help with 5.10

[Post New]by meggieprice on Aug 16, 10 3:27 AM
Yes, I actually made it all the way here! I did not do expert in all but made it through and have all the gitfts up to now. I have gotten to within 950 points but it is so hard I do not know what I am missing. It mentions a secret coule and I am thinking that would help since maybe that would add flirt bonuses...anyone out there who can help?


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[Post New]by rollie on Aug 16, 10 8:11 AM
Can't help you with finishing this level as I've been trying for 2 days and can't get the points I need but Hal and Mai Ling (????) are the mystery couple that give you flirt points


Re:I need help with 5.10

[Post New]by meggieprice on Aug 16, 10 6:12 PM
That could help do it- I have longed for someone to flirt with her!


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[Post New]by pugsmax on Aug 16, 10 6:49 PM
I'm stuck too. I got flirt bonuses with couples other than Hal & Mai Ling, though, so I'm not sure if that's the secret couple. If anyone gets past this point, I'd love to know how.


Re:I need help with 5.10

[Post New]by meggieprice on Aug 16, 10 9:25 PM
I did it!

In fact, I did it twice- because I didn't follow my own advice! Yep, the cutlery was behind the bride and groom for a photo at the end and I could not get it- so I had to go in and do it again.

Not expert, mind you. But who cares!

My only tips would be to go for the flirt couples as much as you can, ignoring which table and which person much of the time.For example, I put Seth at the lemon table at the beginning knowing Chloe and her daughter will arrive so she can flirt with him. Only Norbert doesn't get to flirt at least once.In addition, since seating does not interrupt a chain I will seat, for example, Janet between two Derrecks who are about to dance, and then get those flirt bonuses before removing them to dance and putting two fresh Derrecks in their places. That is especially viable with Kyle and Maricruz as well. I am able to get flirt bonuses twice for each person with new people and old.In addition always keep two seats together for the bride and groom and watch them - as soon as they eat their course, put them back at the arch, and they will want to be seated again-ignore where unless it work - just make sure they sit together. I pounce and move them as soon as their flirt bonus appears (once they have eaten), I probably seated the bride and groom together ten times,I also always feed at least ten people the same course.

I will eventually go back and try to make all my silver medals into gold, because I didn't even know about chain feeding bonuses until yesterday! For now though- I am finished, all the way through the wedding.

And my newest tip- PAUSE. Pause and check out a group of waiting people and you can plan your seating strategy. Whereas any games will go dark when you pause, this oje doesn't.


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[Post New]by pugsmax on Aug 17, 10 3:13 PM
Awesome advice Meggie- thanks so much. I will try that and see if I can get through it as well. I feel like I've tried about 20 times already so i was really getting frustrated.

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Re:I need help with 5.10

[Post New]by alfurton on Aug 17, 10 7:21 PM
I have played this one about 100 times to no avail. I just noticed though that on the dance floor -50 is being taken away for no reason. If someone could please check I would appreicate it. Then I can contact BF and let them know there is a bug.



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[Post New]by annewiggs on Aug 17, 10 11:17 PM
OK I was wrong with my post - you don't have to seat teh female first but I have worked out when I seat the Southern Belle before Dereck and put them in the middle of the table I get 400 points but if they are at the edge or Dereck is seated first you only get 200 points. Anyone know why?

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[Post New]by MsMaryW on Aug 18, 10 2:38 PM
I just got done playing and finishing 5.10. Took me two tries...The way I did it was sat lots of people then did all gifts then if they had requests like the drinks and stuff filled those,,, Then served one type of food at a time so you get big chains... Also you have to seat everyone perfectly... even the bride and groom.. You have to make sure you get everyone of their seating requests perfect or you won't make it through to then end.. Once I figured it out it was easy smeasy..I enjoyed this game..it was fun and I went back and read the comic when i was done.. too too cute!!

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Re:I need help with 5.10

[Post New]by bhom on Aug 23, 10 11:26 PM
I've completed this level at least 5 times with expert. Tips:

- At the beginning, wait to seat the guests until the bride and groom make their choices. Make sure one (either bride or groom) picks the wedding ring table, and the other picks the other table. If not, keep restarting until they do. They have to request opposite tables, or the first round will not work.
- Once the bride and groom have requested opposites tables, sit them down, then begin sitting the rest of the party, you should be able to fill up all the available spots, with nobody left waiting in line.
- Sit them as they request, don't worry about flirting. I tried flirting, didn't work for me.
- Chain all the gifts, then chain serve the appetizers, serve the bride and groom first. Once the bride and groom have eaten, stick them up at the altar to wait. Chain serve the main course. The bride and groom will again request a table, seat them and serve them the main course. Once the b&g have eaten, put them back at the altar. Chain serve the cake. The bride and groom will again request a table, serve them the cake, then put both back at the altar. Chain pull the guests to the dance floor.
- Use a disco ball for the waiting line, if needed.
- Seat them all as per their request, leave two spots open for the bride and groom.
- Repeat the above process 2 more times, except you will just have to seat the bride and groom without having to serve them. Try to put them back at the altar once you fulfill their request, so they can request again.

Hope this helps!


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[Post New]by justlasham on Oct 18, 10 5:07 AM
Waiting for B&G to request for different tables did it all Thank you very much for the gr8 tip.IT WORKED and I completed the level in a jiff. May you succeed in all your endeavors !!!!!!!!!!!


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[Post New]by NessieBessie on Sep 12, 13 9:30 AM
Omg i did it!!
I got it from the first try!! I accidentally found the 3rd silverware.
You don't even really have to pay any attention to flirt bonuses unless it's possible without messing up the seating requests.
although i'm sure meggie's advice works fine as well, i'm not comfortable with not putting them where they want to sit :p
I just try to keep my chain up.
I always make sure i have a big group that i can seat, so i usually wait a bit so i have a few groups together to form a big one.
That way i can keep the chain up since they all have the same course.
If someone's done i wait until everyone is done so i can send them all to the dance floor at once, which triggers a chain as well.
I had a few flirts, but i never pay too much attention to it.
Just seating them right and together (that's a chain as well, the seat bonus), keeping up the chain and using the coffee, discolights and sometimes even a bag got me through just fine.
I honestly thought it was less hard than some other levels.
I even went past expert score.
I hope this helps too n,n
Good luck and have fun.

*spoiler*: I'm so glad at the end she's back together with Joe!
God damnit i was so pissed when he was with that other woman in one of the other games. When she said they weren't even dating anymore, it just made it worse. xD
At the end they were holding hands, i was like 'finally, you were such a d*ck Joe...'

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