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Don't pass go, don't collect $200 and DON'T TRY THIS GAME!

[Post New]by gamergirl675 on Aug 16, 10 9:21 PM
I played for less than 5 minutes before realizing that if I had to listen to the guy say "Let's get going." and the girl say "I understand." in boring, non-acting, voices that sound like when one sentence ends the next will be the same sentence in whatever foreign language you're trying to learn... I would have to kill myself. (If you're going to have voice over then AT LEAST put some enthusiasm into it and PLEASE read the actual text not a shortened boring version of what the player is trying to read.)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE jigsaw puzzles but this was horrible. Not even worth $2.99 on DD or a free credit if you ever have one... and lets not even talk about the annoying "hold the left mouse button down while at the same time spinning the wheel" to rotate the pieces which don't actually stop rotating at any specific place so you waste time trying to get it to stop square... all while listening to Mr. Personality say "I don't have all day." OMG.

Someone lend me some thumbs because two thumbs down is not enough.

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