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Guide to difficult levels in the game (FF2)

[Post New]by Justin96 on Aug 18, 10 6:15 AM
These are the hardest you can find

Level 27
Threats: Posion fish, many fishes
Powerups: Shrink shrooms, stun bubbles, golden herring (rare)

The hardest is when you are medium
Try to scoop up schools of minnows and try to stay near an oyster for pearls

If lucky, a golden herring may appear
When big, stuff youself with a feast but watch for the sharks.

Level 35
Threats: Fast tunas, puffers
Powerups: Stun bubbles, Looney lures, first fury (rare)

This level isn't as hard as it seems
Make good use of looney lures, once one is eaten, all the fishes will be lured away
Stun bubbles come in handy when you want to get a looney lure or first fury.

Watch out for puffers as they can make a predator turn back

Level 46
Threats: Cuttlefish, Small room
Powerups: Shrink shrooms, stun bubbles

This level can be related to FF1 level 22- Surgeon Crossing
This level the fishes move a little slow and there are many of them, make good use of the barracaudas as they can help to clear a few lion fishes or john dories

When big, just eat all your way

Level 56 (HOT)
Threats: Puffers, Cuttlefish, Green fish, Killer Whales
Powerups: Shrink shrooms, Stun bubbles, First fury

This level is a BIG PROBLEM!
When small, make good use of the stun bubbles to get an edge
When stunned, go to the edge and eat a few fishes
Shrink shrooms are a little or no use as the fishes will quickly re-appear
When you can eat tuna, it becomes easier to play but watch for the green fish

More to come


Re:Guide to difficult levels in the game (FF2)

[Post New]by Carol_Goodman on Mar 20, 11 9:23 AM
I want to get to the other levels and how to i go about doing it. They tell me as soon as i unlock the levels i get to go on. I only been playing this game since last November and i just don't know anymore, i also has finished the timed level and i haven't got any further than that. Is it me or is there really more levels to play?

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Re:Guide to difficult levels in the game (FF2)

[Post New]by Cromaxgal on Jul 5, 12 2:06 PM
I'm 3 levels from the end and the menu boss or whatever it's called drives me insane. They could have done without that - so aggravating and then the level where you have to zoom up into the air and try to eat the pink bugs while escaping the pelligan and the other bigger fish in the sea. Don't know how I'm going to figure that one out.


Re:Guide to difficult levels in the game (FF2)

[Post New]by feedingfrenzytwo on Feb 28, 13 6:13 PM
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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