HAS ANYONE ever beat this game

[Post New]by riverahands on Aug 19, 10 9:53 AM
We have gotten to the end of the last one on level 9 several times and yet we can never get all of the flower pass the wall. HELP!!!

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Re:HAS ANYONE ever beat this game

[Post New]by MaryCQB on Sep 19, 10 2:49 PM
The goal is to get the flower pieces to the sides as fast as you can! Use the switching piece wisely.Build up as many power-ups that you can. I completed this game in 24 hours!!!! and I had 8 lives left! I even surprised myself


Re:HAS ANYONE ever beat this game

[Post New]by djddpm on Sep 21, 10 10:00 AM
I have beat this game a lot of times and my score is now up to 4815200 it keeps on going. I try to get the flowers off to the side as quick as I can but first I try to free up the bombs and Talismam swap. This helps a lot but also I do not use the bonus helpers any time soon. I try to get as many as I can get before I have to use one. If you get the flowers to the bottom of the board make sure you can get 2 in a row that can be switched if the black clouds get in the way use the bomb. Hope you have plenty stored up. I do not use up my timer but I have stocked up on that also.I have 59 lives left 24 times left and have a few more bombs and Talisman swap pieces left to go back and replay the game and restock so I can beat it again. So far I am not tired of playing it is more challenging as I go.

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