[Post New]by minniedolly on Aug 19, 10 4:14 PM
how many stages are there in the luxor. i am having a lot of problems and cannot seem to talk to anyone



[Post New]by xUltimajaSpiritx on Aug 21, 10 11:27 AM
To remedy the confusion, there are actually 88 levels in the game and 13 stages in the game (Luxor Amun Rising has 14). Once you reach stage 8-5, you are halfway through all of the 88 levels in the game! Now can someone lock this topic real quick??



[Post New]by rhijack on Nov 26, 10 8:28 AM
It is not you. The game is messed up. I have bought and paid for this game twice, from different companys. I really like this game. However the only way to get this game to play properly, thru all the stages,1 thru 14, is to uninstall the game after each completion, and then reinstall it. This way it will start from the beginning. This works for me, so far, although I worry there may be a limit on how many times I can do this. I bought the last version from "Big Fish Games" I haven't yet heard of a limit on re-installing.

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