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PLEASE Help for level 44

[Post New]by kevabear on Aug 20, 10 7:22 AM
Oh my goodness. I have tried the way the walkthru shows, I have tried the way the youtube shows, I cannot get gold on level 44. Please oh please anyone with a good way please do share with me!
Thank you!

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Re:PLEASE Help for level 44

[Post New]by BlueOctober on Feb 13, 11 9:43 AM
Yeah, 44 was tricky. It took me four tries, but I got can't dilly dally, that's for sure.

I started by clearing everything that I could clear, then I built a villa in the upper middle slot, and sided it, and sided the other two. Then, I paid the bandit on the right side, and cleared what could be cleared, all the while collecting rent. Then I built a sawmill on the right side and started making lumber.

Start upgrading your villas, collecting rent and making lumber. DON'T make any gardens, they're too expensive and you won't need them.

Once all of the villas are upgraded to 3 stars, save up enough lumber to build a mansion on the bottom spot, and side it. Meanwhile, you should have collected enough rent to pay the bandit on the left...and make lumber.

Pay the bandit, clear the area, and make three lanterns between the villas at the top...that is enough to get your 40 happiness.

Once you have 1200 lumber (that's all you need), build the last mansion on the left and you're done.

My problem was that I was trying to do too much instead of only building what I needed to meet the goals.

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Re:PLEASE Help for level 44

[Post New]by unclepaul on Feb 19, 11 7:13 AM
Another way:
Royal Envoy lev44
1. Build a sawmill in front of castle. Send 5 workers out to clear all the timber they can access.
2. Send tax collecters to each of the villas to collect rent and then side each of them.
3. Run the sawmill for 800 twice.
4. Build the third villa and side it.
5. Upgrade each of the villas after rent is collected.
6. Pay bandit on left and dig up treasure (8000 gold) . Pay bandit on right and dig up treasure.
7. Run sawmill as required and place gardens at each of the villas and a flowerbed between them for the 40 happiness.
8. Build and side mansions as wood becomes available.

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