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Ocean Express

[Post New]by manatee07 on Aug 20, 10 4:54 PM
I love playing this game but, can't seem to get past level 10. Is it better to keep
your tokens untill you reach the higher cities? I can't seem to get enough money
to go past this level.
manatee 07

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Re:Ocean Express

[Post New]by bfgArnoStyx on Aug 20, 10 5:11 PM
HI manatee07,

The best place to find help for our games and to swap hints and tricks is in our Game Forums. These are easy to get to - just click the Forums tab on the home page and search for your game under ‘All Game Forums’.

I was able to gather some information for you. You do need more barges and access to city ports as you advance in levels, so try to use the tokens wisely.

I'm going to move this thread on over into the Ocean Express game forum and this discussion can be continued here. This discussion will be available in both the Chit-Chat Corner and the Game Forum!

Hope this helps!



Re:Ocean Express

[Post New]by bigbill49 on Feb 27, 11 11:49 AM
I have found it best to buy the barges first as soon as you have enough tokens to buy one. Then after you have the maximum 9 barges start buying port access. I only buy Honolulu, Tokyo and Sidney. If you get the others it just clutters up the playing, and you end up throwing away a lot more pieces. Hope this helps some of you newer players.

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