Another chessboard solution

[Post New]by perplexed on Aug 21, 10 1:49 PM
There is another solution to the chessboard (shell) puzzle that apparently the programmers did not foresee. To make a written description of the solution clear, let us imagine the board tipped into a vertical position with the back row at top and the nearest row at the bottom. The top row will be labeled “1” and the bottom row “8”. The columns will be labeled from “a” to “h”. The blue shells are fixed in row 4, column e (4e) and row 5, column d (5d). My solution is to move the shells into the following positions: 1d and 1f; 2b and 2e; 3a and 3h; 4f; 5c; 6g and 6h; 7a and 7g; 8b and 8c. This satisfies the criteria that no more than 2 shells can be in any row, column or diagonal.

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Re:Another chessboard solution

[Post New]by Tikatoy on Dec 1, 10 9:21 AM
I'm not sure if I had the same solution as you, but I also had one that fit the criteria but wasn't accepted by the game. There are probably multiple solutions. Either that or there was an additional requirement that didn't appear in the instructions.


Re:Another chessboard solution

[Post New]by BoomerB on Jan 9, 12 10:59 PM
I have a problem with the walkthrough solution to this puzzle. Using your layout of the chessboard (rows are 1-8 from top to bottom, and columns are a-h from left to right, I see no diagonal both ways for the shells in 1-g, 6-f, and 8-h. Don't see how any shell can be in a corner and satisfy the 2 shells in diagonal criteria.
Course this solution worked so I may be missing something.

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