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Playing again! :)

[Post New]by Sissy79 on Aug 21, 10 9:53 PM
Hiya fellow fishies.. It's been a little while since I played this one, but if I remember right it was fun enough to play again... Not really that challenging, but still, was pretty entertaining. Besides, when your brain gets too be a littel full from lifes stress, sometimes its nice to just sit back and enjoy the little things! Thanks !!
Happy gaming...
and to ALL!!

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Re:Playing again! :)

[Post New]by asierrahiker on Aug 21, 10 10:03 PM
I liked this game too.

I know what you mean about playing easygoing games sometimes. I've been in that mode myself for a while. That and my computer has been acting out of sorts so its being choosy about what I can play.

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