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Up date on MM

[Post New]by SHEAR_JOY on Aug 23, 10 3:05 PM
i LOVE jigsaw puzzles and this one win all. Hard, beautiful, charged and sometime gets your blood to boiling. 5 100 +level, nice music [soft] Shows what pieces are correct, its not timed but it counts your moves and a goal. The only trouble with this game no save... So when you start a puzzle make sure it not close to bed time :- last night I started one that was the goal of 5 I got more than 1/2 done and i already had 100 moves i got tried went to bed got up went to my pc to finished the puzzle press continue but it didn't save I had to start all over. Also it has a 'undo' right above the 'start again' lots of time i go to press the undo and instead hit the start again button!!! I do say a few words [#%^&@%&*] BUT I still love this game.
fishes have fun shearjoy

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