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[Post New]by lovethemopals on Nov 9, 08 2:27 PM
Hi everybody, new to the forums and was wondering if there is a forum for general questions not pertaining to a particular game on BF? I just jumped in here since I am playing the demo of Steve the Sheriff.

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Re:General questions

[Post New]by PDookey on Nov 9, 08 3:00 PM
From what I understand, read the FAQ's first and that will direct you to where you need to go. The Chit-Chat corner looks like the gossip pit and also some people do ask questions. When you get stumped in a game go into the All Games Forum and find your game and then create a question in there. When I first became a member I went into the first sight I saw. A reply came thru to read the FAQ's and to keep the questions with the game. It seems that all of us new members are lost at the beginning. I started reading the game forums and chit chat forums and that helped me to manuver thru these forums. If you find someone answering a question, you can pm them and they will respond back to you. I hope this helps. General Questions is a broad range so maybe you could put a keyword in the comment and someone will let you know where you need to go for that answer.....I hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else and I will be glad to help.

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Re:General questions

[Post New]by penrose47 on Nov 9, 08 5:52 PM

We have needed this for a long time. I always read the forum after I try the free 60 min.

I hate to buy the game and then it's too short.

I agree I like the relax mode and the story is sooooo cute.

reminds me of UNDER THE SEA. lol lol lol lol

Happy Gaming


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Re:General questions

[Post New]by blondie920 on Nov 9, 08 11:04 PM
for the game steve the sheriff, can any one tell me how long the game is and does it get better after the demo


Re:General questions/help understanding

[Post New]by denisebry on Mar 28, 10 10:49 AM
Now I purchased a game for the 6.99. Okay I pay for that every month. Now if I buy another game do I pay an addtional 6.99 month. So like is it then 13.98 a month if I have 2 games? I have a free trial the the club currently while I purchased one game.

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Re:General questions

[Post New]by puzzledone on Mar 28, 10 11:03 AM
Yes, you pay $6.99 for every game after using your club credit you already paid for. If you buy before midnight tonight PST you get 30% off, spring sale, $4.89.
Or, Daily Deals DDs for members you pay cash $2.99, don't use a credit on those or you are paying reg price.

When you buy a combo of 6 in one calendar month you fill a punch card and get a free coupon code for a reg game next month.

If I want to buy more games after using my club credit, I go back to My Club page and buy more $6.99 credits in advance. You can just pay cash direct, but unless you use club credits those games won't show up on your My Games page. I like it to show most the games I buy. If you buy a DD or $19.99 game cash they won't be on that club game list, but everything is on Purchase History and desktop Game Manager.

btw if you buy a $19.99 Collector's Edition, you pay cash, not use credits but then you do get 3 punch credits on the monthly card. So, next month you already have 3 buys and just need to buy 3 more to get another full card and free coupon for following month. Pretty neat huh.

btw, I liked SteveSheriff2 much more than 1, a lot of laughs. Don't remember how long either are but both good games.

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Re:General questions/help understanding

[Post New]by soblessed57 on Mar 28, 10 11:12 AM
denisebry wrote:Now I purchased a game for the 6.99. Okay I pay for that every month. Now if I buy another game do I pay an addtional 6.99 month. So like is it then 13.98 a month if I have 2 games? I have a free trial the the club currently while I purchased one game.

Yes and no, because say you joined March 1st,then April 1st if you are still a member BF mails you a free game coupon for that $6.99 membership fee you paid,and every month you are a member you get a free game credit,so if you ever decide to cancel,make sure it's AFTER you have used last month's game credit for a game!


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[Post New]by mawmaw45619 on Jul 26, 10 12:08 PM
how many levels are on steve the sheriff,i like to buy and play the longer ones.any suggestions?


Re:General questions

[Post New]by 1wolfluver9 on Jan 6, 12 5:54 PM
Not that I know of. I wish they could change the format in the club though so we would have the option to buy the game or just play it until you complete it. Nothing is more irritating than playing and suddenly you have "completed the demo" and your done (yet still have time on the meter LOL)!
I don't like buying games cause once I have played them a couple of times they are no longer fun. You can't trade them in for credit on a different game so your stuck with the same old game to either play over and over or never play again (that seems to be what happens for me). Wish there was a monthly program that allowed you to play the games without any limits. Guess I'm clear as mud but I would rather play a game until I finish it then move on to the next without actually buying the game. It is a waste of money (at least for me) and guess I would rather pay to have a site where I could play any game without limits for one monthly price.

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