lighter shell

[Post New]by redcapricorn on Aug 25, 10 6:44 AM
I am stuck......where can I find the lighter shell??? I can't even find the answer in the walkthrough....please help!!!!!!

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Re:lighter shell

[Post New]by kelnjor on Aug 25, 10 7:16 AM
i have just finished that part, and am sure you get it in one of the HOG scenes..i know where the rest of the parts are, but mind is a bit blank on won't be able to complete the lighter part for a while anyway, just keep checking out the other areas until you find your next clue


Re:lighter shell

[Post New]by redcapricorn on Aug 25, 10 3:49 PM
thank you --- found it in the nest outside the house -- it was in the walkthrough but I missed it -- the inner part of the lighter is in an HOG.

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