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Great game!

[Post New]by Lisa522 on Aug 26, 10 3:34 PM
Played the demo of this game and within 10 minutes, knew I was going to be purchasing it. (I did play for a good while though!)

Gameplay is simple to learn - no long tutorials to sit through. The way you play is this: You're the only cabbie in town, you get calls from customers who would like to be picked off and dropped off at various points of interest in town. You have to arrange your routes to get them without taking too long, without running out of gas, and so that you aren't driving all over creation backtracking. As you drop off customers, they give you tips which appear as coins that you collect by simply hovering your mouse over them (this is a relief to not have to click them!). There are all sorts of cool upgrades and many of them are multi-tiered. There are larger upgrades such as new seats or a new engine for your cab (allows your cab to go faster but will use up more gas). You have to work your stops into the gas station into the mix as well. If you do run out of gas, you can manually fill up but it takes much longer (all while your customers are waiting!) Filling up along the route is pretty instantaneous. I have to admit I was at first a little turned off by the graphics - the car looked kinda cutesy and I thought it would be a babyish game. It's not at all - in fact, now I think I am going to give Airport Mania a try as I will probably love that as well! Some of the voices were kinda cracking me up - the cabbie guy with his "yeah"s and "yeah, okay" - lol, I don't know just sounded realistic and then there is a monkey who sounds well, like a monkey - he pays you off in wrenches which translate to more gas in your tank (sounds good to me!). Anyway, this game was a pleasure to play and I can't wait to play more.

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Re:Great game!

[Post New]by Eisteepfirsich on Aug 26, 10 4:01 PM
Great review Lisa, I also really love this game. Its very addicting.

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