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Level 1 can't move

[Post New]by SHEAR_JOY on Aug 26, 10 6:43 PM
I would love to play this game but I can't seam to get out of lesson 1.
I drag my mouse to check the grounds, than I try looking for lesson 2 of level 1. I try skip tutoriol and alerts flashes comes on, "the spring is disconnected" no kind of directions can be found than I can't seam to find 'next' or 'forward'. I used 30 min of my free time left trying differant way to move on. I'm afraid I would have the same problem

Please I need help

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Re:Level 1 can't move

[Post New]by vkbaker on Aug 31, 10 1:51 AM
You can't skip the tutorial. It teaches you what all that means - spring disconnected means you need to build the road from it to the rest of your town. You must have some patience with this game, it isn't hard but you can't skip levels you don't like. Buy it even at $6.99 game price and you will have hours and days of fun with it.

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