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Cute game

[Post New]by Lisa522 on Aug 26, 10 7:13 PM
Okay, after playing GabCab and really enjoying myself, I decided to try Airport Mania (by the same developer). Am happy to say this is another winner. I just purchased this one as well. Gameplay is fun - you are assigned different types of planes (with different characteristics in speed, patience, etc) and must land them, unload passengers, load new passengers, fuel them, repair them & send them back to the runway. You can make combos by landing planes within consecutive time frames. Also through takeoffs. If you load and unload passengers at corresponding color gates, you make color combos for extra points. There are paint stands where you can repaint a plane to try to get it into a combo in time. The planes are really cute. I have to admit I didn't try this game for the longest time because of the look of the planes, "too cutesy" and I didn't think I would enjoy the game. Actually, in game you don't notice it in the same way you do as an outside observer, and actually the game makes you laugh as the planes hum little tunes (the blue ones with the deeper voices crack me up) and occasionally you can even see them whistling! Hilarious and a cute surprise when you catch it. I'm only on the second tier of this game and already starting to get a bit hectic and challenging so I think it will really give me a run for my money at higher levels. I am certainly up for and looking forward to the challenge. Great game

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