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Great Game, but get rid of the dolphins for Fishing Craze 2!

[Post New]by Vanadvindun on Aug 29, 10 11:21 AM
We sure were reluctant to buy this game, after reading the nasty reviews. We did end up buying it, though, because we absolutely LOVE the fishing day (just like this) in Ranch Rush 2. I don't know why this got such bad reviews, because it's well done and cute to look at. The woman's voice is wonderful (wahhhhhhh! and hey!). Three of us have played it and thought it fun and challenging.

Our only complaint, though, is the dolphin. While the rest of the animals are predictable (after enough playing), the dolphins are brutal. You can avoid the whale and the rest, but the dolphins get to do what they want. Three different computers, three different games, three different people. One of us finished through Elite by replaying the dolphin levels. Personally, I gave up halfway through Pro. I don't like to play games where there's no way to beat the odds. Even if it's a small window of chance, it's better than the "no window" that you get with the dolphins. With the dolphins, you just sit in your boat and let them deduct 10 points and 10 points and 10 points and on and on. The third person doesn't like them but is still plugging along.

So . .. the game is wonderful, but the dolphins are a deal breaker for me. My daughter managed platinum all the way through Elite, but she has a gift for this stuff (smile). For us non-gifted players, we'll wait for Fishing Craze 2 (sans dolphins, I hope).

Hope this helps.

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Re:Great Game, but get rid of the dolphins for Fishing Craze 2!

[Post New]by kahlida1 on Jan 25, 11 7:39 PM
I'm having a real problem with those darned pelicans. Ive got 3 more elite lakes to play, and theyre thearting every one!


Re:Great Game, but get rid of the dolphins (Possible SPOILER)

[Post New]by Cody821 on Feb 27, 11 1:55 AM
The dolphins aren't a problem if you dash forward a bit. They'll miss you that way. Watch when they're flipping in the air, then get out of their way. The pesky pelicans are my problem! On a few lakes, the only way to win is just use the magnets. Others, you have to try to get a fish in between pelicans. I've won this game five times now with platinum all the way. I play Route 66 a lot, because there's no pelicans. LOL! There's a way around every pest in this game. Most are solved by staying up against the left dock. With the bombs away birds, your boat fits in between the bombs. Another problem I've found is when the other fisherman gets right beside my boat, too often MY fish drop into HIS boat!! Only a few times did his fish drop into mine. Keep trying...........with patience and determination, and you can win them all. Try to catch the high point fish, usually the largest ones and drag your line to catch more than one. Most of all, laugh at it and have fun!

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