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DD for 8-31-10 Rock Tour Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by _Angel_angel on Aug 31, 10 1:25 AM

13 minutes of reading instruction pages and only 2/3 done.

Nuff for me.

No thanks.

I am tired and cranky so don't take my word for it.

It is very different from anything I have ever played.

Might be a really great game, if you can get through the instructions.



Re:DD for 8-31-10 Rock Tour Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by Purple_Froggy on Aug 31, 10 11:27 AM
This game is very slow starting. After ten minutes I was about ready to quit playing.

That said, after persevering a while longer, I was hooked. The music is fun and exciting, the gameplay is surprisingly easy to master (the tutorial makes it seem much more complicated than it is).

So, to anyone trying this game: Play through all the way to the end of the trial, even if you're not enjoying it at first. It gets loads better.


Re:DD for 8-31-10 Rock Tour Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by rosie28sammy on Aug 31, 10 2:30 PM
Wow! This game is really indepth. I got about 2/3rds of the way through the instructions and finally stopped them to play the game. I thought my hour was going to be up before I had even had a chance to play. Still, I do think for this game, you really do need the instructions. If you really knew what you were doing, I think this game could be fun. That said, I will pass on this one, even at $2.99.

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Re:DD for 8-31-10 Rock Tour Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by Stevihj on Aug 31, 10 2:37 PM
After the demo, I bought it. I mean I had to finish the mission for Paradise Regained. It was different than any other game I have ever played. In this game you are the manager of the band. You set up their appearances and how much of the gate is earned. You also buy their gear, which can get pretty pricey. Well there aren't much for graphics in the main part of the game (which is mostly watching the bus move from gig to gig,) There is some pretty good graphics if you watch the band play their power song at a major opportunity.

I like how you could fire a band member and if you couldn't find a replacement that was good enough, you could keep the original member and no one was the wiser that you can him.

I also liked how recording and putting out a CD worked. It was long and complex. Just like in real life.

So I am giving this game a A-. Only cause sometimes, the egos of the members can make you want to kick them all out of the band.

Update: I love how the bands have different songs. The band Paradise Regained is a pop/rock band. Xero Sum is metal and Avenpitch is alternative. Pretty cool.

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Re:DD for 8-31-10 Rock Tour Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by brookings on Aug 31, 10 2:59 PM
I uninstalled it after 13 minutes. Just to involved, not worth $2.99.

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Re:DD for 8-31-10 Rock Tour Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by Leanda1 on Aug 31, 10 8:42 PM
I decided that I did really like the game - I don't know why it was taking any of you 13 minutes of reading - I got thru the instructions within (in LESS than) 5 minutes?? When I got stuck the help/hints were there waiting for me so no problem there either. It was ok but I was tired tonight so maybe not the best time to do a trial. Since it is almost midnight, guess it will be a no buy - again just cuz I am tired. I do have a half off coupon so if the price goes up and I decide I want it I can always get it for 3.50 LOL Different, but easily played looks like it will be one of those relaxing games - IF YOU TURN THE SOUND OFF which I did find I had to do. Again - I am tired so ..... I give it a 3 out of 5

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Re:DD for 8-31-10 Rock Tour Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by Ratatouille on Aug 31, 10 8:53 PM
It didn't take me that long to go through the tutorial -- I found it concise and easy to follow.

I do like the game quite a bit. It's definitely different and more involved than your average casual game, but it looks like it packs a lot different things to do and also replay value. To me, it seems like something that will be nice to pick up and play in between HOG sessions

For $2.99, I'm definitely buying!


Re:DD for 8-31-10 Rock Tour Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by AroundTheBend on Aug 31, 10 8:57 PM
I've owned this game for more than a year. It is a game that you can spend hours and hours playing and has replay value. I think it is a fairly unique game and enjoy it. It is worth a try as a DD. I can walk away from it for weeks and be able to pick up quite easily where I left off. It is neat to try to be the best band manager. It's a different time management game and worth the time. Remember, the pause button is your friend.

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Re:DD for 8-31-10 Rock Tour Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by RainbowElf on Sep 1, 10 6:35 PM
Not for me.

I found the music very annoying in the background, I normally have the music switched off and the sound effects are just enough noise for me but there where not really that many sound effects so I needed the music for the noise.

(Noise helps me play, I really do not know why)

My partner used to play a game like this online and there are versions of games like this kicking about the Internet.

Even for the Daily Deal I feel it is not worth it.

I would get bored of this game far too quickly.

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