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[Post New]by _Angel_angel on Aug 31, 10 9:31 PM

This was a superb game! (IMHO)

The graphics were awesome!

The puzzles made me think, but not too hard.

The characters were interesting.

Still wanna know what split up the old couple.

Got lost a few times but found my way.

Some extreme junk piles but most items were findable.

Good length.

Music ranged from calm and soothing to quite intense, and even near silence at times.

Would easily rate this in my top 10 HOG/IHOG games.

Highly recommended.


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Re:Post Game Review

[Post New]by just_Jim on Sep 8, 10 11:14 PM
Love your thread title... I may steal it. I was going to make a "praise Vogat (the developer)" thread because the commnts thread is just too long by this point, but I'll put a couple of comments here...

Agree with your comments. This goes way high in my personal list of ~60 HOGs. which includes Ravenhurst, RTR and Dire Grove (not so much that one).

Mostly though (as mentioned in the main comments thread)...


I'm bumping against the limits of my cheap (even then) three year old laptop on far too many of these games the past month or so. There is no reason to need the latest Direct X in most cases. I shouldn't need more than a meg of RAM for the game (though I have it) and I sure shouldn't need a fast processor (don't have it). Dire Grove was the worst with two or three HUNDRED megabytes of grainy video that could easily (bet me... go ahead) have been a third the size. Played horribly and drug the whole game down. Pure unnessary performance fat.

In other games...
Needing to turn OFF the custom cursor? Horrible.
20 second (or worse) transitions between sceens? Unacceptable.

If the developers just want to be resource hogs, please just go work for Microsoft and cut out the middleman.

Sorry... long rant in praise of an outstanding playing HOG, but this should be the norm, not the rare delight.


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Re:Post Game Review

[Post New]by ScaniX on Sep 14, 10 9:23 AM
I really liked "Elixir of Immortality". It was very good on the technical side. The transitions between scenes were very nice, the animated cursor pointing to the exits (and doing other stuff ^^) was a nice effect as well. The soundtrack was amazing. I mean most of those games have a nice music, but what was so different here really were the sounds. In every scene you heard some footsteps, clinking and other unknown sounds in the background. That really filled the world with a bit of life. Apropos life: I found it nice to have other characters to interact with, that's not so often the case and it was done nicely here.
The game didn't take too long to finish and was quite interesting, I often had trouble to find a point to quit it. ^^
Although you mentioned "Dire Grove" taking too much memory and cpu usage, I still prefer "MCF: Dire Grove" or "Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials", because the atmosphere was awesome and the story was more interesting.
But other than that this game was great and I hope they will make a sequel.

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Re:Post Game Review

[Post New]by sbyrd on Sep 15, 10 7:55 AM
I just finished this one and wanted to say what an absolutely excellent game it was...hope BF does more of this caliber

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