Big Fish Slots

[Post New]by whiskey1232000 on Sep 3, 10 10:15 PM
Well, I am so dissapointed that you took away the Big Fish sea slots. I have earned over 11 million credits now for nothing, never mind the people met over the years I have played as a dedicated player.

I see there is no consideration for credits won in this game, so basically it is a too bad for you, from your point of view.

I have no choice now but to remove your website from my games, I know you don't care.....but I also will not be making any more game purchases from you. There are alot of other sites out there.

Boo Big Fish, Boo..a game that alot of people loved playing and you take it offline. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Bye Bye Big Fish,

A former player and purchaser.

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Re:Big Fish Slots

[Post New]by dyjane on Jan 25, 11 6:05 PM
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