hammer at cemetery

[Post New]by kats8649 on Sep 5, 10 7:29 AM
I'm stuck I can't figure out where to use the hammer at, the hint just says I can knock off the loose object with a hammer ??

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Re:hammer at cemetery

[Post New]by peglegann on Sep 5, 10 7:49 AM
Use it on what I call the birds bath at the front of you as you are looking at the church, it will let the water out for you to read. Hope I haven't spolit this for anyone.

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Re:hammer at cemetery

[Post New]by kats8649 on Sep 5, 10 11:22 AM
Thank you very much.


Re:hammer at cemetery

[Post New]by msdalton on Sep 6, 10 12:15 AM
kats8649 wrote:Thank you very much.

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