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Re:Casebook error: side-by-side configuration?

[Post New]by gjnashif on Nov 12, 08 9:38 AM
I am not sure what that is about, but Casebook has had nothing but problems and so many issues to the point that BFG has pulled the game off of the website and is no longer available for purchase until there is a new build.

If you purchased the game through BFG go on the chat online if you can and they will issue you a free coupon.

There is no time table for the re-release of this game as far as I know. But, please do not try and delete files or anything to make this game work. I tried it all and crashed my system and had to re-install the operating system. And all because of a game I could not play.

BFG gave me a free coupon, and told me I can keep the Casebook game, so when it comes out again, I won't have to purchase it.

95 percent of those downloading the game experience problems only few were able to play the game, but some reported it crashing halfway through gameplay.

That is all I have for now, good luck/


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