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[Post New]by puzzledone on Sep 5, 10 10:29 PM
This is an amazing coincidence. In the past week I was "distracted" from a game when something on TV news caught my ear re chronic pain and "new breakthroughs" to help patients get off meds for awhile at least. What I saw the patient was seeing looked very simiilar to this game. They see a small screen close to the face and visuals of soft colors swirling a bit, greens, blues, maybe some violet. They stressed no reds, an inflamatory color. Severe burn victims, even mental PTSD patients were also helped and brain scans were showing how nerve transmissions left pain areas and went to the visuals by the distraction.

Well, what's new? Don't us gamers know that and keep focusing on games to forget about pain for awhile? I did about 30 min of Caelum and is it a coincidence the point is to shoot the red balls, blast them out leaving the blue? I was grinning reading the robot's diary, by Day 3 I was laughing outloud re the grammar - go endorphines LOL.

I don't have a clue how to play, didn't want to push my mind much to learn the power ups, had to start over a few times, I'm not much good at arcade types that stimulate. But that's OK, I was so relaxed. The music and sounds I turned way down, the tinkling music fit nicely if it doesn't get too monotonous on longer play, I just did 30 min and bought it!! I'd like to find that news story again, missed some of it til I turned sound up to see what the visuals were in that. It was scientific, I don't know if one interacts with it like a game, but just watching this game, no timer, no stress, was enough and seeing how many RED pain balls I could blast, must also be biofeedback. But their keyword was DISTRACTING the brain away from chronic pain.
Wonder what the name means? I'm thinking Chronic Aches Eluminator LOL
Don't overanalyse or compare to other Arcade games. Perfect for after frustrating mind twisting games. Relax, watch, listen and go back to bed.

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