Well I'm done only one problem with it..

[Post New]by lovestoseek on Sep 6, 10 9:39 PM
I enjoyed the game very much..the only flaw I had is that it would not keep playing the music..it would start to play for about 30 sec. and stop..for some I know they don't care about the music but I'm one that has the music high on my list of things I enjoy about the game..so I did miss that..but everything else went ok..OH I forgot one other thing was no big deal just at the end with only a few things to do my camera went away..lol..but that was ok by that time...so enjoy and I hope you have music..


Re:Well I'm done only one problem with it..

[Post New]by wellychocolate on Sep 8, 10 12:18 PM
did not know it came with music thought it lacked something!!!!!

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