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finally finished

[Post New]by nightmusk on Sep 7, 10 2:32 AM
finally finished this game
the curser prob seems a little better today
dont know if its been fixed
hope so
as i intend to play again
hopefully a bit quicker this time
good game
i enjoyed it
only gripe i have
too many mini puzzles for me
but some of you might like that
i bought this game when it was $4 99
in the offer that was on at the weekend
so im quite pleased with it
as im in the uk that was around £3
so not a bad price to pay for a game
good luck to you all who intend to play it
and hope the curser probs dont get you down too much

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Whale Shark
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Re:finally finished

[Post New]by Purplerabbit on Sep 7, 10 3:46 AM
It was closer to £4 with VAT, but still a fantastic price for a brilliant game.

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Re:finally finished

[Post New]by phatkhat on Sep 8, 10 7:03 AM
This game shouldn't have been referred to as a HOG. It is not, it is an adventure game, and puzzles are what adventure gaming is about! If you don't like puzzles, then this is the wrong genre for your enjoyment, but many of us can't get enough!

I wish that BFG would be more careful about how they categorize games. And if a game is a blended genre, they should say so. A lot of people are disappointed in games - not because there is anything wrong with the game, but because it was represented as what it is not.

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Re:finally finished

[Post New]by _DD_ on Sep 8, 10 7:20 AM
I agree that the categorizing is sometimes strange, but in this case I believe BFG is 'innocent': I think I have seen the game as TGT rather early that day, and I'd say it was in the Adventure category from the beginning.

Just in the game description on the D/L page it has that expression "Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game", which BFG seems to use nowadays for every game that is somehow genre-mixed (probably how they try to describe "blended genre"). Down there on the D/L page it also lists "More adventure" and "more puzzle" games only.

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