No second clock hull

[Post New]by CarmlCruzn on Sep 7, 10 8:25 PM
Did anyone else not receive the second clock hull after completing the circus game? I'm stuck without it. UGHHHHH!


Re:No second clock hull

[Post New]by CBpuzzler on Sep 7, 10 8:49 PM
I have had the same problem, no second clock hull appeared after finding the last set of items in the traveling circus. So, without the piece, I can't solve the puzzle and get the last item I need to finish the game. So close, and I'm stuck in a loop of asking for a hint and not having any item on hand for which to receive a hint....

I've looked through the blog, and the forums. The only thing that looks promising is to try to re-install the game. I'm not sure it's worth the effort....

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Re:No second clock hull

[Post New]by dvdiva on Sep 7, 10 9:21 PM
No need to uninstall. Backtrack through all the rooms on this level. Make sure you've found all 6 clocks and played their hidden object scenes:

1. Lily Pond - on the floor
2. Horse Paintings - behind the 2nd horse painting
3. Marla's Statue - to the left of the busts
4. Prototype Room - inside a round panel on the wall, right side
5. Secret Archive - in the glass case
6. Oval Room - on the post

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Re:No second clock hull

[Post New]by burozkok on Sep 10, 10 4:31 AM
The very same happened to me. Last circus scene did not give the card. Since this is the very end of the game, I won't bother replaying. I don't think I'll miss much by not seeing the final scene. I'll leave it installed though just in case someone comes up with an idea.


Re:No second clock hull

[Post New]by bingogal40 on Sep 10, 10 11:01 AM
I also cannot finnish the game, i went through rechecked never missed a clock but NO game piece to finnish the ending and I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times to day but its stuck at the end of the game......didnt even reset so i could start over

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Re:No second clock hull

[Post New]by Sailorben on Sep 26, 10 9:47 AM
I did find that I'd missed one clock.. a featureless round panel on the right wall of the prototype room... I could have sworn I'd clicked on that before but either it wasn't ready to activate or I hadn't tried it after all. At any rate that was the scene that gave me the gold clock hull, not the circus scene.

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Re:No second clock hull

[Post New]by mdblocher on Dec 18, 12 10:46 AM
Thanks for writing that message.
I too had missed the same clock and golden clock hull.

I guess the coins given for each hidden object scene don't always agree with those listed in the walkthrough.

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