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Great Game!

[Post New]by Ongoldenpond on Sep 8, 10 9:29 AM
A Great Game! Finally an innovative game with no ridiculous junk pile **** scences. Quite challenging - yes you have to move around to figure things out but that's the beauty of it. No hand holding here. The constant comments about loading between scenes were overblown - yes, it would have been nicer without, but loading took less than 5 seconds and didn't stop me from enjoying this wonderful game. Maybe a little tutorial up front would have been helpful but I managed to figure out the gameplay without it and without using a walkthrough.

Kudos to the developers for this great games! Come on Fishies - quit being wimps and give this gem of a game a try.

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Re:Great Game!

[Post New]by hansgirl1 on Sep 11, 10 2:13 PM

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