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Good game

[Post New]by moosish2 on Sep 9, 10 2:14 AM
Someone said this is a short game, but it's not!

I liked this one a lot! The story was decent, and the hidden pictures were well-hidden just enough to make it fun. The settings were expertly crafted, interesting, exotic, and realistic.

I especially liked that each room was complete - they didn't send me back and forth to other rooms or areas to find clues. I HATE WHEN GAMES MAKE ME DO THAT!

Also, it gave the option of skipping puzzles you hated doing (or are too hard), and it also let HINTS be available in a short enough time so I didn't get overly frustrated.

Looks like there might be a sequel to this game. If so, I will definitely buy it!

My ONLY complaint - and this has happened with a couple other BFG games before - is that when I click incorrectly a few times (even in different spots), the arrow goes crazy and starts going into some kind of death spiral. It recovers fast within a few seconds, but that is SO annoying! I hope some bright game engineer can find a way to make that stop.

Otherwise, as I said, this was a good game, and I really enjoyed it! I'll definitely be on the lookout for the sequel!

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