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The Ancient Door

[Post New]by HighlandMax on Nov 12, 08 3:14 PM
[b] I really shouldn't be telling anyone this, the fun of the game is figuring out on your own how to do things, but, I will give this one since I have finished the game.
There will be one puzzle where you have to open the ancient door. Click on the book, inside it will have a riddle like poem, " Lion faces east and the magic eye takes place, Stone rings lay a pattern and dust shall make brass shine like gold. When casting rays fit the runes, the ancient door will open. " Place the lion till it faces east. Then pick up the monocule and place it on the eye that appeared in the center after the lion is placed correctly. Turn the inner circles till the design lines up. Pick up the coins, place them in the dust, they will turn shiney, then place them in the slots, click on the light. Then there is a lid like round thingy, pick it up and put it in the center. Wha-lah, the door will open.

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