After years of trials, finally I get throw.

[Post New]by jonnyzack on Sep 11, 10 3:42 AM
No game has made me so frustrated as Atlantis Quest. The last stage 8 in D-n seemed impossible to solve in time. Today it worked. No hints, no tricks, I just got enough time. But it was on the edge, that I got the last piece through in time. So, don´t give up. It took me many trials and some hard thoughts about the game constructers at the BigFish, but now it´s over. I might play it again. A great challange. I like that. And I´m a stubborn Aries. I might also help.


Atlantis Quest Ultimate Win

[Post New]by zebra1504 on Nov 13, 10 5:04 PM
I agree that it initially seems impossible to win at 8.12. I had over twenty attempts before the break through win. Repeating level 8 and saving a few timers and hammers where possible was the strategy.Plus the ones you get as a bonus on 8.12. Now I have completed 8.12 many times successfully.

The ultimate challenge was to set out to complete it only in the time allocated and without using any bonuses provided on the final level or those collected earlier in the game.

So the strategy from a constant winner at 8.12 is as follows: At the top left you have 4 trapped pieces and only an area of 4 rows down and 7 across to slide them to the right where you have a chance to drop them down basically unhindered. [A rectangle of 28 squares to work in.]

You must clear the bonus hammers and lamps provided at 8.12 by dropping them out quickly on the right. Focus only on this. Unless they are cleared it clogs your movement higher on the board,where you need to match at the edge of the 4 rows and later it makes it more difficult to slide down pieces ,when you free them.

Focus on one piece at a time. Be very disciplined and keep them off the bottom row. If three or four pieces drop to the bottom row at the top left, its very hard to win without lamps and hammers and extra timers. Almost impossible to win at all.

Get one piece out at a time from the left to the right. Only move the deeper pieces if you get a favourable fall of tiles. Focus on the two pieces closer to the right.

The last two trapped pieces on the left can fall to the bottom row and be slid out to the right. However any higher slides should be searched for. Often manipulating the top two rows gives you more control over the tile fall ,than if your trying to get matches for tiles but they are dropping three rows.All your hard work just disappears in three tile matches.

The last two pieces need to be kept apart if possible. This will allow you to get two matches behind on the bottom row and one in front for a quicker slid out. Its easier to match two tiles behind and one in front ,than two above and one to the side,though at 8.12 you will have no choice in doing some of these harder matches. By keeping the pieces higher ,you can get a third combination to assist sliding, that is a match above,a match below and a match to the right.

As always persist . There is likely to more than one strategy for such a well thought out game . The challenge is always there to win again.


Re:After years of trials, finally I get throw.

[Post New]by Spearmint05 on Dec 4, 10 1:14 PM
Yes!! Now that I know to keep the pieces (artifacts) up higher and to try to do some of the moves that were mentioned I feel a glimmer of hope rising within. Thanks!!!!

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Re:After years of trials, finally I get throw.

[Post New]by sunnyshoes1 on Jul 30, 12 6:35 PM
Hello, Glad you finally had some luck. Not me so far. Please tell me what the lamp does. I have tried to use it several times, but it doesn't do anything except flash. So far my progress has been most of the way thru the 6' but have been sent back to start at least 20 times. Whew! Any help will be really appreciated. Joyce

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i finally did it!

[Post New]by rrd13 on Sep 15, 12 12:29 PM
I,too, never,ever thought this game was solveable..i was like johnny..years and years and multiple attempts at this game..i finally made it..i had saved as many tools as i could..and just kept trying..i cannot tell you how tought this game is..i really think this was the most frustrating game i ever played..i know this sounds trite but i can be done..and maybe a lot of luck..but mostly it is adapting and trying to spot trends for swapping the pieces! good luck folks..wish there was a better way to help!
i do not think i will play this game again for a while!


Re:After years of trials, finally I get throw.

[Post New]by Maybemaybe68 on Jan 13, 13 10:56 AM
I finally did it too! First attempt but with 4 hourglasses, 4 magic lamps, 5 hammers
I will NEVER play this game again. It's hard work and very frustrating!

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Just finished level 8-12

[Post New]by Eweneek1 on Mar 8, 14 6:06 PM
Have played the game twice and had no trouble finishing the last level using only one life. I did use two timers and about four mallets, maybe one spade. Just used the advice given by Zebra1504 and cleared the bottom right and then moved one piece at a time to the right dropping each one a little to make room for the next piece.

The game does not work well on my Intel Apple computer with OS 10.9.2. Not able to save score anywhere in the game. When I finished the last level the score was 921,530, but when I clicked continue the game crashed. This happened both times. Other times when I used the spade the game froze and had to restart the level. For me the hardest level seemed to be a city called FIT at level 7.5.

The ability to swap tiles would really help. And on some levels where there are fewer tiles, the game seems to stand still when there are no moves available deciding what to do next while the timer is still running.

Would really like to know if I get a Get Out Of Jail Card at the end of level 8.12.

Have played Around The World In 80 Days seven times and The Rise Of Atlantis twice prior to this game. Atlantis Quest is much more of a challenge and frustrating at times. I am 71 years old.

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