That's It?

[Post New]by akgreen on Sep 11, 10 5:46 PM
Am I missing something? I bought this game a few days ago, and played it through all six restaurants, on both difficulty levels. WAY too easy. And why isn't there an endless level, or why can't I go back after beating the game and replay any levels?

Am I missing something? It seems like there isn't enough of this game.

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Re:That's It?

[Post New]by majicbird on Jan 25, 11 4:12 AM
I agree with akgreen, this game should have more to it. It is my favorite "Youda" game though. I love the graphics, love the sushi idea, and had fun naming my restaurants. If you are looking for just a fast paced time management to speed through several times, it's a good game to buy.


Re:That's It?

[Post New]by cheesemyster on May 21, 11 2:08 AM
not impressed after buying - too easy - can;t find the 'hard' play section - don;t appear to have that option anywhere

too little levels and no real possibility of getting full reputation for restaurants either.

good game but not the best

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